Complete API Integration

GOW provides user-friendly and powerful APIs to enable any existing retail or business network to offer the best money transfer experience across its base while retaining its brand identity and existing user interface.

Remittance API

The Remittance API allows partners to create remittance orders on behalf of their customers. The information captured from the front-end of partners is sent directly to GOW to create a remittance order directly from the front-end of merchants.

Key Features

• Best user interface making it simple and intuitive for end-users

• Safety transactions which are governed by regulatory and reporting standards

Use Cases

Merchants can link this function allow their clients to access accounts to move funds, pay bills and more from one, secure point. They don't have to look for account information or verify incoming deposits into their accounts. Rather, they can just log on and carry out their transactions using their online banking credentials. Account access and account balance verification can be done instantly.

Deposit API

The merchant can leverage Deposit API to create and cancel deposit orders, as well as query the order status directly on behalf of their customers to GOW from the front-end of the merchant.

Key Features

• Accepts different deposit requests from different currencies.

• Quick access for customers to make deposit orders 24/7.

Use Cases

Merchants can link this function to allow their clients to access accounts to create deposit orders and cancel orders for outstanding payment directly by the order number on behalf of their customers to GOW at their frontend

AML, KYC API – In One Platform

GOW offers a complete framework for businesses looking to fully automate their KYC and AML processes in a cost-effective fashion. It's built from the ground up to cater for companies of all sizes.

GOW has a rich set of powerful tools for your AML and KYC compliance needs. Whether you are creating a payments wallet, a lending platform, a remittance business, a cryptocurrency business, or looking to launch an Initial Coin Offering (ICO), GOW have got you covered.

Key Features

• Feature-rich and easy-to-use

• State-of-the-art security

Use Cases

By using our KYC API, you can easily KYC your clients by making an API call, a swift and smooth process to make sure your clients compliant before you can conduct business with them.

Automate your FX transactions

The FX API is designed to help you automate your integration with the GOW platform. Well-documented, scalable, secure and proven, we provide you with a testing environment and dedicated implementation support for fast and easy integration.

Key Features

• Be up-to-date on the daily currency conversion rate.

• Provide a better user experience for multicurrency transactions.

Use Cases

• A partner can incorporate forex rates through buying /selling GOW Stablecoins and complete cross-border and multi-currency transactions to reflect an accurate computation.

The Complete Account API

Key Features

• Safe and instant for users to view their accounts

• Reliable and easy for merchants to manage business policies

Use Cases

The Account API enables customers view their accounts ,check transaction histories and get up to date account balances. As well as allow merchants to create and manage the different business policies associated with their GOW merchants account


GOW makes it easy, fast and flexible to buy crypto via traditional credit and deposit facilities which means buying cryptocurrencies they want with debit and credit cards.

Key Features

• Making buying crypto as easy as shopping online with your card

• Deposit USD, pick your crypto and buy-all within minutes, without any hassle.

Use Cases

Merchants can link GOW E-POS and cards to allow their clients to access deposit ToUSD from debit or credit card in minutes. Use this stablecoin of GOW to buy any of the more than 100 cryptocurrencies available on GOW Exchange

GOW Cards

We give you the power to use your money, your way, on one borderless payment platform. The reloadable feature helps users receive money from family and friends, wherever you are.

Key Features

• Pay your bills anywhere, anytime

• Keep family and friends connected.

Use Cases

Merchants can link GOW cards to allow their clients to access shop anywhere and withdraw funds quickly and easily at ATMs, no matter where they are. GOW also allows merchants to utilize all the benefits of transfer stablecoins (TUSD, USDG, USDT) into their GOW wallet at the real-time market rate.

FX Rates




GOW Card



The User Journey

Aisa works in Hong Kong from Philippines. She earns 5000 HKD a month, but she doesn’t have a bank account. Aisa sends 2000 HKD back to her parents in the Philippines every month. She enrolled in an OFW program, aiming to reduce her remittance fees. Aisa opened an account within 1 minute (Powered by our KYC API) and then made a deposit order of 2000 HKD through our app (Powered by our Deposit APIs) she downloaded. And then she deposited the money via the GOW branch in Hong Kong Central. Within a minute, Aisa saw her balance in the app of HKD 2000, and decided to exchange to Peso (Powered by our FX API). Within a few clicks, the exchange was done and the balance then appeared in Peso (13,175). Aisa then made a transfer of this amount (Powered by our remittance APIs) to the card she received from GOW, which was then used by her parents to shop online.

All this was completed within 5-10 minutes, and we saved Aisa another 2 hours of leisure time, as well as reducing her costs by 95%. All this was achieved by leveraging the powerful APIs that GOW has to offer.

Converting Digital Assets to Fiat with GOW

Exchange A is a world-renowned financial institution in the crypto arena. Like many global exchanges, it has limitations to service corporate related expenses. It opened its operating account with GOW by leveraging our KYC API. Afterwards it deposited various cryptocurrencies and other fiat currencies via our Deposit API. To better support its business development and streamline its reimbursement process, it decides to apply cards to its business model through our Card API. When the bills are due, Exchange A places orders through GOW’s Remittance API to pay its bills.

Breaking into Emerging Markets with GOW

Exchange B is looking to expend into new and emerging markets. It needs to lower its cost for pay-out channels. Exchange B partners with GOW, and opens a merchant account, by pushing all KYC materials through KYC API. Afterwards, it deposited its portfolio of different cryptocurrencies alongside other fiat currencies via our Deposit API. Its customer can now deposit fiat by leveraging GOW’s deposit API to purchase crypto with Exchange B, and when its customer decides to cash out for the crypto, Exchange B places remittance orders for its customer via our Remittance API through local channels, while its customers’ KYC information has been cleared by our KYC API. To further increase the loyalty of its customers, Exchange B has applied GOW Co-branded cards for its customers’ further use. To solidify its competitive advantage, Exchange B availed of GOW’s e-POS services to provide credit/debit card payment for crypto purchases.

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